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“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”– Harry S Truman

Atmosphere Interior Design is one of the more influential and well-known interior design businesses in Western Canada. Our team strives to not only provide exceptional design, but to also serve our customers and clients, as well as to become a resource for the broader design community. Everyone at Atmosphere believes in making the world a more beautiful place - through the support of our clients (who become like family), through our contacts in the design community, and through the operation of the design lounge, we make that happen.

Curtis Elmy and Trevor Ciona B.A.I.D.

 Curtis Elmy and Trevor Ciona B.A.I.D.

Together, Curtis and Trevor have set their standard to be high with a dedication to the trade that is never ending. They are always educating themselves through research, travel, creative conflict and from what their clients are telling them – they have also become incredible mind readers, maintaining their client’s trust to be solid and unwavering. The client relationship is always the focus

The success of Atmosphere Interior Design has led them to their stunning new design studio, located in the rejuvenated and trendy Riversdale district of Saskatoon. Their two storey headquarters is home to a main floor showroom featuring various luxurious product lines that the firm represents and a second floor studio that houses their design offices and an impeccable textile, wallcovering and product library where all of their projects are realized and managed.

Dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – they strike a balance with a regular fitness schedule that allows them to recharge at the end of a long day in the office. Being continually inspired and motivated in all areas of life, Curtis and Trevor take regular trips to New York, Palm Springs and Los Angeles, where their passion for design and the success of their business is encouraged and influenced. When not engaged with clients and their projects, the two value and enjoy spending as much time with their friends and family as possible. These relationships play an important role in their work + life balance, they value and love Saturday morning coffee's at various local destinations, happy hour cocktails, and entertaining at home where conversations and connections warm their hearts.

Curtis maintains the company Instagram @mrcurtiselmy, here is where you will see current project updates, onsite behind the scenes, personal travel experiences and what and who inspires them. Instagram and Facebook are where the majority of their far reaching project destination begin, don't hesitate to reach out to begin your project discussion, share your inspiration or just to say hello!

Contact Curtis and Trevor at

Rhonda Ciona - Office and Purchasing Manager

Rhonda Ciona - Office and Purchasing Manager

After a successful career in the diamond industry, Rhonda is once again surrounded by beautiful objects and spaces at Atmosphere Interior Design. Having grown up in the world of home building & design – her parents sharing a passion for building homes and her brother’s influence on the design of these creations (her brother being Trevor). Rhonda shares her love of design at Atmosphere as the Office and Purchasing Manager – managing the day-to-day operations of the business since 2018. Her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail allow for all projects to run smoothly and efficiently. Managing projects and working alongside the team of trades that contribute to our projects is another one of her specialties – team building and understanding what makes for a successful project relies heavily on her shoulders.

After spending many years in Yellowknife, NT, Rhonda’s desire to raise her family in the community where she grew up is what drew her back to Saskatchewan. Spending over 10 years away from her hometown, Rhonda has a new-found appreciation for Saskatoon and the many hidden gems it has to offer, particularly its endless options of amazing restaurants. Away from the office, you can find her checking out the latest in Saskatoon’s events and dining scene with her family. She is a sucker for a great book, a glass (or two) of Pinot Grigio on ice, and planning the next great vacation and adventure.

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Victoria Stephens - Junior Designer

Victoria Stephens - Junior Designer

As Atmosphere’s Intermediate Designer, Victoria plays an integral role in ensuring client satisfaction by providing updates and specifications, assisting Trevor and Curtis with specifics, and creating inspiring options to help narrow the design direction and ensure clients receive the space of their dreams.

With a life-long interest in design that sprung from her 13 different home moves during childhood, Victoria pursued her studies of interior design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby, BC. Relocating to Saskatoon with her husband, she leaped at the opportunity to learn from Trevor and Curtis at Atmosphere Interior Design and hasn’t looked back since.

Drawing on cues from surrounding architecture and landscape, Victoria draws design inspiration from her surroundings to ensure the interior both blends with and stands out from its environment. She is also an avid lover of Australian design, particularly the importance it places on the use of materiality in its different forms.

When she’s not working to bring clients’ visions to life, Victoria enjoys exploring her neighbourhood of Riversdale and taking walks around the river and Victoria Park. Always looking to grow, she’s passionate about trying new things, with her latest obsessions being pottery class, cross-country skiing, and making pasta from scratch.

Victoria is available to take on your project independently, please connect with her at


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