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Atmosphere Interior Design is an award winning firm, recognized across North America through its work regularly published in leading design publications, websites, and various social media platforms

Atmosphere is suitably named because principal designers Curtis Elmy and Trevor Ciona live and breathe design and thrive within an atmosphere of creation and collaboration that their work brings them into contact with. For them interior design is about the transformative process that takes a room from being a space to live in, to one that enlivens you. Since 2004 this duo has been trailblazing the aesthetics of style and design in Saskatoon, SK. Their decades in the industry have been marked by national recognition in design magazines (Style at Home, House and Home, Western Living and Home Beautiful), national awards, and an ever expanding roster of clients - both commercial and residential. Curtis and Trevor long to create spaces that are current and modern, with nods to classic and timeless details, producing an aesthetic for which Atmosphere has become famous.

The Atmosphere Team

Meet Curtis and Trevor

"Design is a collaborative process, we are foremost dedicated to building a strong relationship with our clients based on trust."

Named Saskatoon’s “Kings of Style” by Style at Home for their striking design style, Curtis and Trevor are paving the way for the city’s growing design scene. With complimentary design styles and shared influences has allowed for a cohesiveness within their creative process; they have leveraged their passion for design into becoming Saskatoon’s most influential design studios – Atmosphere Interior Design. With a shared aesthetic that has continued to evolve over time through work on countless projects together, their commitment to continued education through research, travel, creative conflict and client vision has allowed them to develop a style that is recognizable throughout Canada and the US.

Curtis and Trevor continue to leave their mark on the Canadian Design Industry, both 2013 and 2014, they were voted Western Living’s Designers of the Year, first as “The One to Watch” then with the coveted Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for Western Canada’s emerging designer and most recently a finalist for Designer of the Year 2022. This recognition solidifies them as one the leading design teams in Western Canada.

Curtis Elmy + Trevor Ciona

Curtis Elmy + Trevor Ciona

Together, Curtis and Trevor have set their standard to be high with a dedication to the trade that is never ending. They are always educating themselves through research, travel, creative conflict and from what their clients are telling them – they have also become incredible mind readers, maintaining their client’s trust to be solid and unwavering. The client relationship is always the focus

The success of Atmosphere Interior Design has led them to their stunning new design studio, located in the rejuvenated and trendy Riversdale district of Saskatoon. Their two storey headquarters is home to a main floor showroom featuring various luxurious product lines that the firm represents and a second floor studio that houses their design offices and an impeccable textile, wallcovering and product library where all of their projects are realized and managed.

Dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – they strike a balance with a regular fitness schedule that allows them to recharge at the end of a long day in the office. Being continually inspired and motivated in all areas of life, Curtis and Trevor take regular trips to New York, Palm Springs and Los Angeles, where their passion for design and the success of their business is encouraged and influenced. When not engaged with clients and their projects, the two value and enjoy spending as much time with their friends and family as possible. These relationships play an important role in their work + life balance, they value and love Saturday morning coffee's at various local destinations, happy hour cocktails, and entertaining at home where conversations and connections warm their hearts.

Curtis maintains the company Instagram @mrcurtiselmy, here is where you will see current project updates, onsite behind the scenes, personal travel experiences and what and who inspires them. Instagram and Facebook are where the majority of their far reaching project destination begin, don't hesitate to reach out to begin your project discussion, share your inspiration or just to say hello!

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