September 4, 2018
Posted by Curtis Elmy


It was an exciting day in our office when we found out editors from one of Australia’s most popular design magazines wanted to publish our Luxe Condo project. The power of the internet makes the world much smaller, and this the perfect example of that. How does one even know about you across town yet alone across the planet. This recognition is incredibly flattering and no matter how often it happens, it never gets old or loses its impact. Home Beautiful came not long after our first feature in House & Home and six years after our first national feature with Style at Home.

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We often reference being published and it’s importance to us and our career. When publishers reach out and express interest in your work – it acknowledges that you have established your own point of view as a designer, a signature look that breaks you apart from other designers. Located in the Canadian Prairies, it can be hard to get noticed – let’s face it we have not always been on the Interior Design map – but we have sure worked hard over the years to change that! The attention gained, promotes your business and helps land new clients, but just as important, it’s a solid pat on the back for a job well done and motivation to continue growing and becoming more confident in your design.

Why is being published important you may ask? For us, it is “our” equivalent to skating on the ice during the NHL Hockey Playoffs, singing in front of a crowd or hearing your song on the radio, or seeing someone wearing the clothes you designed. It is a big deal, an opportunity for millions of people to see your work and appreciate the passion and dedication you have doing it.

It’s times like this where we take a second to look back and remember where we have come, remind us again where we want to go, and most importantly appreciate all the memories along the way.


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